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Sunrise Surprise - From the Colaboradio Archives

sounds from Radio Aporee live stream

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07.00 Uhr



Morgenmagazin - Aufstehn, Hinlegen, Radio hörn

Also ... aufstehn, hinlegen, Radio hörn ... (weitersagen) ... Tagesaktuelles, Politik und Kultur von hier und da.

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10.00 Uhr



Ohrfunk - Medieninitiative blinder und sehbehinderter Menschen ist ein Programm der Medieninitiative blinder und sehbehinderter Menschen in Deutschland e. V. (MIBS e. V.)

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12.00 Uhr



Blue Print

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13.00 Uhr



Mittagsmagazin - S.O.S.

Tagesaktuelles, Politik und Kultur von hier und da.

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15.00 Uhr



Salon Daflon Calling!

Electronic tunes from the edges of everywhere...from the edges of everything. Subculturalists who dare. Your host Dafne Della Dafne dials up a monthly mix from the cozy confines of Salon Daflon.

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16.00 Uhr



Tuning in and Tuning out - New Paths to Classical Music

A collage of associations, conversations, histories and music and possibly even your very own listening guide. With Rosanna Lovell.

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17.00 Uhr



Memory Space - Based on the Alvin Lucier composition of the same name from 1970

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18.00 Uhr



Berliner Runde - Colaboradio

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19.00 Uhr




An Hour of OralExtraterrestriality Presented by Sasha Spassky

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20.00 Uhr



Picnic Radio - Radio Residencies

Radio Picnic is a residence radio project developed by Zonoff and hosted by Picnic Raum in Berlin. Every week an artist is invited to create a new radio work.

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21.00 Uhr




A proposition by Fibrr Records: Every month a musician, composer or sound artist will propose one hour of sound for the Berlin Radio 88vier to be released online after a live radio transmission.

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22.00 Uhr



ohrenhoch - Der Geräuschladen

Live aus der Hörgalerie ,ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen' Weichselstr. 49 | 12045 Berlin-Neukölln

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23.00 Uhr




Sounds produced by swimbladder-related mechanisms usually comprise low-frequency pulses produced at different rates.

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